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Alcohol Bowl one year later

Bill Grumbine, Kutztown PA
>Good evening all

I did not have opportunity to participate in the alcohol thread as it was developing, but I wanted to post one of my results. Those of you who have been here more than a year might remember the bowl pictured below. Of course if you don't, you can always search the archives. ;-) One year ago I was working on Dave's secret alcohol drying project. This was a very attractive option for me, since I do not believe in voodoo, and I am always running behind when it comes to getting stuff done.

I needed to make several of these bowls from this wood for customers, and the time was very short. I had done some experiements with alcohol and this wood already, so I was confident in my plan. This particular specimen is approximately 11" in diameter and 5" high. As you can see it is filled with wild grain and sap pockets, knots, and bark inclusions, all of which contribute to cracking in this species.

The reason I am posting this bowl again, and one year after the fact is, I had opportunity to speak with the person who purchased it last year. She came to the same show at which she bought this piece, and so I asked her how the bowl was holding up. "Wonderful!" she replied. Now, I did not get into any technical discussion with her on this, and I did not ask her if it cracked, but I am assuming that it did not, since customers do not usually associate cracked bowls with wonderful, at least if the crack develops after the purchase.

Anyway, this is my contribution to the discussion. I have had several of these bowls out there for a while now, and none have come back to me with problems. You may take this for what you think it is worth.


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Alcohol Bowl one year later
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