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What does this look like? *LINK*

Andrew Hilton
>At the link listed below, what does it look like to you?

To me, it looks like a bowl that Remi is forming an off-center recessed foot into. If that is the case, how is he doing it do you think?

I'm supposing he has a cone of wood left inside the bowl that, before taking the foot off the bowl, he off-centered the bowl and formed a tenon to grab hold of with the chuck. Now he's making the recessed foot. Assuming the above is correct, how's he going to get rid of the cone/tenon? Reverse it and put the bottom of the bowl in a vacuum chuck?

OR, maybe he's just using a vacuum chuck on the inside and no cone/tenon and just set it off-center intentionally?

Any other ideas?

I like the idea of an offcenter foot to an otherwise normal bowl form. It'd make a nice presentation piece so that you could see inside the bowl without being directly on top of it looking down.

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What does this look like? *LINK*
Re: What does this look like?
Perhaps he borrowed a chuck from..
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