Turning Archive 2004

Finally got in some shop time *PIC*

Wolf Kiessling
>After four months of grievious problems, the medical situation in our house has hopefully stabilized. I managed to get in my first shop time since mid July.

I bought a new Jet 1642 EVS just before the wife got sick and managed to crank out one small, spalted maple bowl. I've really been itching to get back to it again. Anyhow, I don't know what kind of wood this is, I suspect elm, it's been laying around the shop around five years now. I was just going to turn a simple form for purposes of experimenting with colororation. However, when the spalting and overall pattern emerged, I figured this is too good a piece of wood to just experiment with.

The bowl is 7.5" dia x 5.25" high and is finished with clear danish oil.

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