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Kudo's to Jet

Mark in Chalfont, PA
>I have my jet mini for about 3 months now. Last night I flipped the switch on, my son turned another pen, and shut it off when he was done. Looking at the tube, Bry noticed that he could do a better smoothing job. We put the tubes back on the shaft and went to turn on the lathe. No dice, the motor wouldn't start. Hmm, could it be the motor? Nope, turned out to be the switch after a resistance test across like terminals. The DPST switch died. Went to Lowe's and bought a temporary sw to hold my son Bry over until I can get another one.
Called Jet directly and it took about 4 minutes and the guy said it will ship this afternoon.
That's what I call customer service...

Thanks for reading.

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Kudo's to Jet
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