Turning Archive 2004

"backstop" for lathe?

Andy in Raleigh
>I have a small shop area in my garage and I share the garage with my wife's car and my kids' toys. The best layout I have come up with is to have the lathe freestanding with some open shelves behind it (that are accessed from the other side). The problem with this is that I don't want to send chips flying behind the lathe. The lathe is mounted on a stand, but the stand is longer than my lathe, so I actually have my lathe bolted down to an oak plank and the plank is mounted to the stand. One thought I have is to mount a piece of ply to the edge of the plank (I would add a beam under the plank and secure it to that also) that would serve as something of a backstop to catch chips. I know they would mount up quick, but I am okay with that. In my limited space I have to clean up chips often anyway. But would this be very effective at all anyway? I would hate to go to the trouble of setting it up and still have a bunch of chips flying over into the toys every time I turn. An occasional one is okay. How tall would it need to be? I suspect that would be relative to center height, which is maybe 10" (probably a little less) above the plank. I would prefer not to mount anything to the walls or ceiling (I thought about the shower curtain arrangement) if I can get away with it.

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