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Sightings Photo

Brad Vietje
>Many thanks to Don Orr for posting the Sightings photo of the Totally Turning Symposium, and to all the AWA members who worked so hard to make it a great time for all.

Thought you might be interested to know the name of the "other guy at the end"... that's Mike Foster, formerly of Sitka Alaska, and now from Springfield, VT -- a very talented segmented turner, a regular contributer here, and a real nice fella, too. Missing from the photo was Ruth Niles, who was just outside the door buying a new General about when the photo was taken. Sorry I didn't speak up sooner -- I don't usually see the front page, as I have a bookmark that goes right to the turning message board.

Safe Spinning,

Brad Vietje
Thetford, VT

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Sightings Photo
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