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Hey folks...gimme some input

KurtK in Indy
>I have cut up that Myrtle Log that I posted the pics of and decided to see if there was any interest in buying these. If you go to the classifieds you'll see the post.

My question is....am I in the ballpark pricewise for these blanks?? I figured that the retail guys get $6-12/lb for burl blanks and that at my prices, these should be a great deal....don't know...

My thought was that since I have this wood and could try to make a little $$ the cost of that new hollowing system with the laser attachment wouldn't be so tough to swallow. I also figured in a portion of the price as a donation to WoodCentral....kinda giving back to the "house".

All input would be great and enlightening.


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Hey folks...gimme some input
Re: Hey folks...gimme some input
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