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Some musings on human nature.

Dave Smith, Longview, WA
>I posted the message on drying roughed out bowls quickly last Saturday morning. Comments have ranged from “you’re a genius” to “it is just an other perpetual motion machine.” That is about what I expected on the extremes. What sticks in my craw are the number of questions demanding to know why a person should believe that the process works. If this was a brain storming session that would be understandable.

If I was trying to sell a product to accomplish a bowl drying process then I would expect a barrage of questions. Since I would expect to profit from the sale of a product I would readily defend my claims and vigorously attempt to separate the unsuspecting public from its money. In this case I don’t have a corner on the paper bag market or a large stake in the ethanol manufacturing industry.

Now, heaven forbid, if I were defending a masters or doctoral theses then heap on the requirement for facts and figures. Demand full color charts annotated for each wood type and the phase of the moon. Don’t forget the satanical averages, means, convergent, divergent or any other perverted graft that academia identifies its self with. If enough scientific language is used or the proper initials appear after a presenters name then the argument has more merit.

Now this isn’t quite fair to the readers. I know they have invested time reading the article and composing their lucid responses. Reviewing the drying thread reveals that enough information was gleaned from the earlier posts to preclude reading the later ones. Perhaps I missed a forum usage rule that says to go directly for the jugular if you know the poster is wrong. The onus is on the poster because you have payed your money to read the message and demands for facts and figures are perfectly in order. After all, the poster has grabbed you by the arm and threatened to take, or not take, your first born if you don’t convert to their way of doing things by the stroke of midnight. Worse yet, you have to read their subsequent post, if you don’t like the thread, incase it digresses into the pins or tails first controversy. Forget about religion and politics because this is where the real truth lies.

On several occasions I have seen a thread that caught my attention and made me wonder about its validity. First I check to see if I have met the person because I will have to be nice. Then make sure the person has made good comments about a project picture you have posted. Can’t antagonize that person. Does the poster still talk about Badger Pond? Now here is some one that needs to be set straight. This poster never makes any comments about my project picture posts. They are probably a_______(pin or tail) person so I can sharpen up the pen. I am a/an ________(lawyer, doctor, retired, old fart, or other) so I can say what ever I want. This person is Yankee fan so open the flood gates with the acid pen.

Dave Smith

Mariner fan in Longview, WA.

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