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Randy in Langley
>I have been lurking in this area of WC for a while now and have learned alot as well as enjoyed seeing all the projects that are posted. I've finally produced something that might be worth sharing.

I decided that I would give some long needed attention to my lathe this past weekend. There have been some issues with my lathe that have been bothering me that I never really got around to addressing. I have a cheap import lathe that I didn't really enjoy using, until I was inspired nearly a year ago to try some new things on it.

Anyhow, the spindle on my lathe was bent, so everything I turned on the lathe wobbled and would wobble doubly if I turned the piece around to finish the bottom. I decided to machine a new spindle for my lathe. I turned it out of 4140 hardened tool steel on my little metal lathe and while installing it on my wood lathe I cleaned and re-greased the bearings as well as installed a variable speed switch, removed the pulley cover door and installed a faceplate on the lengthened outboard end of the spindle. I also spent a portion of the weekend making my own Cole Jaws (Jumbo Jaws) for my lathe out of aluminum plate.

I installed the Cole Jaws on the lathe, mounted a bowl I was working on prior to this lathe venture and finished it off. This is a piece of spalted/figured silver maple from a tree a group of local woodworkers recovered. The wood was dried in the microwave and finished after turning with 3 coats of Danish Oil and buffed with paste wax.

All in all a very good weekend in the shop for me.

Thanks for looking I hope it was worth it.

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