Turning Archive 2004

Kelton Center saver

Fred Le Bail

Are any of you guys using the Kelton Center Saver System in your turning endeavors? I have just purchased one and am having some trouble getting it to do what I think it should do.The instructions are not much help as they mostly discribe what I have but not much in the way of "method of use".
First of all there are only suggestions for cutting tip height. They say the cutting tip should be "exactly on center of the blank or just below". Which should it be??
There are no hints on which cutter to use or how far the gate should be from the blank. Also at what angle you should make your cut.
I am also getting a lot of catches or grabs when I try to make a cut.
I am sure everyone who has one has gone through a learning curve with this and I too will fathom it out, but any suggestions will certainly help in the meantime.
Thanks in advance for your advice.

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