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conover lathe

>in may, i inherited a conover wood lathe from my father. his name was Don Grantham and he lived in Frisco,TX. he was once a member of the American Assn. of Woodturners, though i am not sure if he still was when he was killed. the point is, i find myself in a position where i am forced to sell my beautiful lathe (which i have no earthly idea how to operate) and have so far been unable to ascertain the value of it since conover has recently gone out of business. i was wondering of y'all could help me out on that. the serial # is 89655 and i believe it will turn on 4 different pulleys at 4 speeds per pulley. the bed is 8" and it has a baldor 1 1/2hp motor. if you could help me or hook me up with someone who could tell me what they sold for new and how much mine might sell for as it is (it is in excellent condition and i have an alarming selection of tools to go with it that i do not know the value of either), i would greatly appreciate it.

thank you,
Dawn Grantham

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