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Well that was weird (bleaching)

Mike Schwing from Md.
>I've been trying to bleach a few things lately, with way less than stellar results. Been using "wood bleach" from the HD in a crystal that gets mixed with water. Also using Clorox. Like I said, way less than pleased.

So I ordered some two part bleach, you mix parts A and B together and then apply the mixture to the bare wood.

Had a gorgeous piece of very highly figured white ash I finished turning and wanted to make as white as possible.

Applied the bleach mixture and, right before my eyes, the wood turned as yellow as a lemon! HUH? WTF? YELLOW? A far cry from the white I was looking for. What to do? I followed directions. 20 minutes later I applied a second coat, and the yellow got brighter. Great, just great, I went to bed knowing that I now have a lemon yellow white ash bowl.

This morning it was as pure white as fresh fallen snow.

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Well that was weird (bleaching)
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