Turning Archive 2004

Free Standing Salad bowl *PIC*

John Lucas
>About a year ago I roughed out this bowl from Ambrosia maple. I finally got around to making the stand. The idea was to have a salad bowl that stodd beside the table. The bowl doesn't have a foot but was was left very slightly less curved so it sits up if you set it on the table. The stool has been dished out so the bowl will set in it.

Looking at it now I wish I had spread the legs a little further but I didn't want the legs to stick out so that people would trip over it if they got up from the table. I made the legs a little thicker than normal to make it more stable and to make it look beefier. I don't know if I like that decision or not. Perhaps if the top 6" was a little thinner. Anyway it is about 40 inches tall. The bowl is about 14 x 8.

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