Turning Archive 2004

stuck adapter

bob strand
>I've got a 3520A Powermatic with a with a spindle adapter down to 1". I put a faceplate on a large piece of cottonwood and when it threaded and turned it hit the bed. I shut of the lathe and when I started to back it off the adapter was unscrewing from the spindle so I shut it off and wrenched off the faceplate but when I tried to screw the adapter back on the spindle it was froze tight. I called Powermatic and they told me to use "gorilla tactics" so I put two 24" pipe wrenches on and it came off. Whatever happened ragged the threads on the spindle and the adapter. Powermatic is sending me a new spindle and bearings. Craft Supplies, however, merely laughed at me and said they certainly knew what happened and in good conscious couldn't replace the adapter but would give me 15% discount. My paltry amount of busiess doesn't make or break their store, and be that as it may, they've got the last of my business. The Powermatic people, however, I couldn't say enough good about.


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