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One Way Balancers

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont

A few weeks back I bought the One Way grinding wheel balancers. Last night I finally took the time to install them. I have n 8 " slow Geeneral grinder and I can tell you that like many people I have been avoiding cleaning up my act on getting it and my wheels into shape.

Nothing could be easier than to follow the directions given by One Way.

I first balanced the wheels as per the instructions then mounted them back into my grinder.

I then dressed the wheels and as I had a few low spots I knew the wheels were not round to begin with. So after I dressed the wheels till they were round, I took the wheels off the grinder and re-balanced them again.

After that, all the wheels re-installed and tight, the wheels run smooth, wobble free and silent......wow now why did I wait all this time to take care of this?

Take care,

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