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OT: Back from Vegas

Mike Schwing from Md.
>First trip to Vegas. Mrs. Schwingding and I left from here on Friday eve and spent Sat/Sun at the Bellagio and returned today (Monday).

What a fun time! I knew if my parents said Vegas was a good time it'd be clean, friendly, have good food and lots of entertainment, and itI was on all counts. Of course, they get 4 inches of rain per year and an inch of it fell on Sunday. Figures. No matter, didn't even need to leave the hotel and had a great day.

And maybe the best part - won enough on the poker machines to pay for most of the trip! Allie was getting mad at me for playing the $5/bet poker machines until she saw the payout!

Has the AAW Symposium ever been at Vegas? I'd sure be there!

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OT: Back from Vegas
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