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Osage Vase /pic

>Good Morning Everybody,

Last Tuesday after I voted, I spent my morning turning this vase from a piece of Osage that Mike Schwing sent me along with a bushel of his cutoffs so that I can continue my addiction with the miniatures I've been turning. This piece of Osage caught my eye and this is what came of it.

It is very thin and light due to the fact that I sort of cheated. By that I mean I parted the vessel in half and hollowed the bottom and then chucked up the top and hollowed it. I thought I might make a lidded vase out of it so I sanded and finished the inside down to 400...then one of those instant design changes came along and it got glued back together. It is about 6" tall, sanded to 600 and 3 coats of Rockler's wipe on gel poly. These pictures are not the best. I goofed and left a florescent light on when I shouldn't have. The color is way off. it is actually very vivid yellow.

Anyway, it's fun to hold because it's so light and I'm sure that would not be the case had I not cut it in half. I love turning Osage. This piece was perfectly seasoned. Not too wet and not so dry that it was hard as a rock. I've tried to turn Osage when it was bone dry and it is a bear!
Mike thanks SO much for the box of goodies.....there'll be a return one back to you soon!

Thanks for taking a peek.


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