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Allergic reaction??? (long)

Bill Lordan, Auburn NH
>Last Monday night, I developed a case of the shivers that lasted - off and on - pretty much all night. As morning approached I decided to take one of the dogs out to do it's duty. While outside I felt terribly weak and thought I was going to pass out.I figured I had fooled around long enough and it was time to go to the emergency room.

Because of a long history of coronary artery disease dating back to 1988, the hospital immediatley began treating me as a coronary patient. I didn't feel the problem had anything to do with my heart and neither did the cardiologist but we both wanted to be safe than sorry.I took a thallium stress test which proved to be abnormal and then had a cardiac catheritization procedure. They found another blockage -now I have three - but they felt medication, exercise and diet will take care of the problem. They once again stated that they did not think my original problem stemmed from my coronary problems.

All week I have been trying to figure out what could have caused such a scary condition. I got into the emergency room around 6:00 am trembling all over - without having a fever, weak as a kitten and pretty much hyperventilating. By 10:00 am all the symptoms were gone.

This morning I went back into the shop to turn some bottle stoppers from stock I had milled Monday evening. I had cut up Paduak, Bubinga and Thulya burl without a dusk mask. Could this possibly have caused my problem? I realize that I'm clutching at straws but the doctors were no help.

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Bll Lordan

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