Turning Archive 2004

So why did this happen?

Ron in Drums PA
>I rough turned a curly maple blank to about 11-3/4" round. Placed the tenon in a chuck as usual. When I turned on the lathe, the chuck of wood flew across the room.. Image my surprise, the tenon is still inside the chuck!

With nothing hurt or broken, I replaced the face plate on the wood and turned a new tenon. This time when I placed the wood into a chuck, I decided to use the tail stock and remove some wood. While I was doing this I thought it might be a good idea to turn a tenon on the inside, just in case.

I turned off the lathe, removed the tail stock, and as soon as I turn on the lathe, the tenon broke clean off and shot across the room. Again the piece of tenon is still in the chuck

Luckily, as I said before I had that tenon on the inside, so I reversed the bowl and made a new tenon. Reversed the bowl again.. This time I removed as much wood as humanly possible with the tailstock in place. This time when I removed the tailstock everything stayed in place.

Anyone have any idea why this happened?

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