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Some New Pens, pics

Jim Shaver Oakville, Ont

I have been on a pen turning pace lately, I am getting ready for a craft show at work (we employee about 1000 people at our site) in a couple of weeks and I thought while I was at it I might share some images of selected pens I have made.

These are some Craft Supplies Jr Gentlemen pens, the woods are coloured box elder burl, one of the pens is a buck eye burl. I recently started to turn stabilized woods, they turn very nicely and I am able to get a great finish on them using micro mesh and Mylands friction polish.

Also from Craft Supplies I have been making the Patriot pen kit, I like this simple and attractive design. The pen blank is 2 7/8” long and just at the limit of my small drill presses quill limit for travel. These are made with bowling ball blanks from Pens of Color. I also finished them with Micro Mesh, sanding sealer and Mylands friction polish.

These are the classic Cigar pens (Large Twist), easily the most popular pen I sell, these are made from bowling ball blanks, cocobolo, amboyna burl, curly maple, zebra wood and green dyed maple burl.

These are Slim Line kits from both Craft Supply and Lee Valley. These are Corion, some with and some without the center band. I was inspired by Scott Greaves and Jennifer Shirley to try tossing out the center band and go with the flow. Thanks guys, you are an inspiration to me. These were all finished with Micro Mesh and polish

Now these are my effort to take that “tossing out the center band” to a new level of experimentation for myself, some of these are neat, some of these are terrible..but hey, you have to go out to the edge and see if it works…here’s my attempt with different materials to do that. There are several dyed curly maple with blue corion bands and several acrylics.

These are simple Mt Blanc kits from Lee Valley, they sell very quickly and I have a hard time keeping an inventory of these…and oh how I love to make that center band tennon…NOT!

At this point I have just over 100 pens turned and ready to go, 20 whistle key chains, a variety of turned lidded boxes, oil lamp candles, Christmas tree ornaments and a few other surprises.

The craft show is fun, I enjoy the one on one with my customers. The big reward is in seeing people using my pens over the years and hearing back from them about the reaction of the recipients. I am looking forward to seeing how my new work goes over this year.

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