Turning Archive 2004

eBay, legal question (opinions wanted)

steve antonucci
>Some of you probably jinxed me with your kudos on my VB Lathe win on eBay. The seller finally contacted me today, and the net of it is that the seller refuses to sell the lathe at the end price of the auction.

Her story is bizarre, and highly unlikely. She claims that the lathe is worth $6K (which is likely true), and that she donated to a school to get the tax write-off (even at 6K, she'll only net $1500 in the 25% bracket...)

I also got that I don't know eBay, I needed to move...

Anyway, I'm looking for opinions on what should I do? I really wanted this item, and I'm sure that the truth is more likely that she got a better price and said screw me... Can I win in court? Ideas?


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