Turning Archive 2004

First Day at Farm Market *PIC*

old griz
>Today was the first day of my local farm market craft booth this year.. have 8 more days before Christmas... this is also the first year I am accepting credit cards. Had a great day.. sold 3 pens and one keychain for a total of $100.. first sale was the 3 pens on a credit card for $90... the market is only open from 6AM-Noon until December when we go 6AM-2PM.. Had a lot of good feedback on my items especially from the other vendors.. one vendor asked me to hold 3 perfume applicators for her until next week ($90) since she did not have her credit cards with her.. If it continues this way, I might have to brave the cold in the unheated garage and make some more stuff..
Here is picture of my display... 6foot table.. best part of this market is the cost to vendors, only $19/month and you don't have to take down your display every day, the place is locked and has security.

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