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>Dominic, Don't know if you have had an opportunity to see Mahoney's DVD on the McN Centre Saver i just received my copy and it is well done. Gave me some ideas and reassured me I was doing all I could excpet practice.
1. z,rsditomh gizmo. I had not realized the point of the cutter was in line with the handle. Dumb me. I have trouble telling where the tip is. Afraid of making funnels. Took some 3/16 square stock. Bent it exactly at 90 degrees. One leg is the exact length from the face of the handle where the cutting tool goes in to the tip of the cutting tool. The other leg is a bit longer than the radius of my lathe swing. (on my Nova with an 8" swing the leg is 10-11" long to give some wiggle room. After cutting into the blank. Stop the lathe put the flat side of the rod against the side of the cutting tool the back of the rod against the face of the handle. The end of the rod will be directly over the cutting tip. Cheeeeper than a laser less high tech but does the job for me.

2 sighting gizmo. Turned a piece of stock with a tennon that fits my tool rest post hole. about 6" or so in length again the radius of my swing sets the length. On the other end of the stock drilled a hole so the McN gate post will fit. Then put the cutting tool in the gate extended as far as it will go put the whole thing in the tool rest high enough to clear the bowl blank and moved the banjo around until the cutting tip is at the center of the core. Then tightend down the banjo removed the gizmo and put the gate post in the tool rest. Then core . No more funnels.

3. Mike shows cutting a concave depression in the center of the core. Suggest you cut a flat bottom hole about 1/4" deep and dove tail the top edge so your chuck jaws will just fit under the lip. Core the blank. Finish off the shell and remove. Flip the core and center over your jaws and run them out to expanded setting. That will center the core. Turn new tennon and reverse the core. Comnpress the chuck jaws on the new tennon and core . Repeat until you run out of wood.

Works for me Remeber

"When the chips are down the bowl is round"

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Dominic McN Tool DVD
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