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Clear, and waterproof

David Hammond, in Powder Springs GA
>I'm toying with an idea here, so humor me. I've been looking at all the new sink options places like Home Depot are carrying - the free standing type sinks, and those that are simply a cast porcelain bowl, or a glass bowl, sitting on a counter, with the faucet coming out of the wall. Very cool look. I realize this subject has been addressed indirectly, but my question is this: is it at all possible to take a wooden bowl, and finish such that it would stand up to the rigors of water and use, as a sink? Totally crazy idea I know, but I've been looking around, and I'm not just considering your local hardware type finishes - I'd be willing to try whatever, such as epoxies, some of these new, high grade waterborne laquers, or anything - am I shooting for the impossible? I can't get this idea out of my head; it seems as if I could create some incredible looking sink bowls, that would fit into this uniquly modern look that is showing up in stores today - any ideas?

David Hammond
My Dad & Me, Inc.

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