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Electric chainsaw Q's (longish)

Ken Platt (Granby, CT)
>Folks -

I am considering getting an electric chainsaw so that I can have something for cutting stuff that is biggish for the bandsaw but too small to cut easily with my gas chainsaw (a Stihl 029 Farm Boss).

First, is this the right tool? I have been using a 1/2" Timberwolf blade on my Jet 14" (w/ riser) for these rough cuts, but trimming irregularly shaped blanks seems rough on the saw, and I have problems with pinching/kinking the blade, stalling the motor, etc. I tried using my recip saw, but it's a cordless (18v) and completely underpowered for this.

Second, although it seems as though some folks have good luck with one of the lower priced brands, there are enough posts about these failing that I'm inclined to go with one of Stihl, Husky or Jonsered. Opinions of the electric models would be appreciated. It appears that only Stihl has more than one; I'd be looking at the low end MSE 140. In particular, I'm wondering which saw might be the most maneuverable for cutting in odd positions and places.

Lastly, do folks using these indoors find that the oil off the bar makes a mess? I'd like to use this tool in my basement workshop, but if oil sprays everywhere it'd make that not practical.

All other considerations and thought appreciated-


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