Turning Archive 2004

Careful with those gouges! They get hot!

Mike Schwing from Md.
>OUCH! Burned the crap out of my thumb last evening when I for some unknown reason grabbed the business end of my gouge. Was shaping the exterior of a 100 pound end grain spalted oak log, removing up to probably 5/8" of material per pass, when I guess I needed to use my right hand for something. 1 second of thumb on gouge tip resulted in DROPPING THAT THING LIKE A HOT POTATO, and a bright red gouge imprint on my thumb down to the first knuckle.

Dunked it in ice water for about 10 minutes but I can plainly see it this morning.

Hard to believe that thing was that hot, but I do recall smelling smoke right before it - that was the sap burning on the gouge. Warm, sure, it gets warm all of the time, but wow that was extra super hot.

Don't know why I grabbed it by the tip, I think my mind was on the low power setting.

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