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John Jordan CD

David Galloway
>I am sure someone has posted regarding John Jordan's new CD but I missed it. I got my copy the other day called the Aesthetics of Wood. It is really all about how to plan your vessel in relation to grain pattern, and how to be more in control in terms of how the sapwood and heartwood winds up in the vessel. He also talks about how to use green wood so to avoid cracks. He has some interesting theories about how all this works. The quality is lessened by the questions that are inaudible and/or offpoint. John tries to help by restating the questions so that you can hear it. But at point it reminds me of those AAW demos when one of the audience members tries to dominate the questions...can be frustrating. In all, it is an excellent DVD and I would commend it. I learned lots from this guy who's a real pro and teacher.
David Galloway

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