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Proper size drill bit?

Dominic Greco in Richboro PA

Hi Everyone,

Since I'm hosting my annual "Holiday Craft Show" here at work next week, I wanted to turn some smaller items to add to my inventory.

I have several of those PSI Bottle Stopper kits on hand and thought they would be perfect. Back when I purchased the kits, I also bought the Bottle Stopper Chuck PSI sells for use with these kits. The kit even comes with a drill bit sized to fit the screw on the chuck.

When I went to turn a stopper last night, the blank spun right out of the chuck (I had just finished the profile and had backed off the tailstock). The hole had become over-sized due to the "punky-ness" of the spalted beech I was turning. But the Beech isn't the only culprit. I've also had this happen with Walnut and Cherry before.

I believe that the drill bit included in the kit gives you a hole that, on some occasions (as with wood that will "give" a bit) is just a shade too big for the chuck screw. I'd like to buy a smaller drill bit.

  • Does anyone know the size of the drill bit included with the PSI kit? Knowing that size will let me figure out the next size drill bit down from that.

  • Or does someone have a recommendation for a drill bit to use?

P.S.: I'd post this on Yahoo's Bottle Stopper site, but our Web Tracking Software (Websense)blocks that site.

See ya around,

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