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OK, now it's my turn for a gloat ...>>*PIX* *LINK*

>..>> Well, I always wish you guys the best but it does get irritating sometimes when you keep gloating about all the wood you find/get for free/merely have to turn a bowl for. Here in Israel wood is at a premium and rarely can you get local stuff, at least here in the Jerusalem area. Well I 'scored' twice. It wasn't free or easy to get but the good Lord has smiled upon me. First, a local lumber yard had a cubic meter [a heck of a lot of wood] of mahogony sitting in their yard forever from a job [all cut into nice storable pieces] that the guy abandoned. They decided to make me an offer I couldn't refuse. This is not plain mahogony mind you but rippled and feathered. Well the price I paid was about
what it would cost to deliver to me [It was a semitrailer with a loading crane]. You don't need pictures of it but I hope to post finished products soon.

Today I found where the wood was hidden here. Up north on mount Carmel sits a druse village. They collect wood from all over but usually use it for heat. This ownwer was smart and kept the good stuff. He and other artists make their own flat art work but also sells the raw stuff. I fit all that I could into my VW Golf for what it would probably have cost me just to have it cut up with a chain saw. He had a gas motor one with a blade at least a yard long! I got local indian rose wood, eucaliptus, carob [not pictured yet], and olive. Below is a link to his site which is very interesting. Now if I can figure out where to store all this stuff, I have plenty to turn this winter.

Indian rosewood




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