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A wood related Poem

Mark Kauder, Phenix City, AL
>My 14 year old son, David, had an English assignement. Part one was to make their own Ink Blot (you know one of those Rorshock (SP?) things). The class then shuffled them and distributed them so that no one had there own. They were then to look at it and decide what it looked like and write a story or a poem about it.

David looked at his and said that he thought that it looked like "one of those seed things - you know the little helicopters." I told him that they were from Maple trees.

This is the poem he wrote. I liked it so much that I though someone should publish it - so I am here.

David Kauder
Mrs. Wallman
October 27, 2004
Helicopter Ride
This little seed, it falls from the tree.
It just flies away but how can this be?
Itís got its two wings and they're slanted just right.

This little seed so compact and so small.
Itís not that important, itís nothing at all.
Itís going to fall - but no! It takes flight!
It spins and it twirls, slower and slower.
And what for the seed? It goes lower and lower.
And just as it seems itís going to stop,
the wind starts again and it flies off to the top.
It flies over lakes in bright streams of light.
And it flies off again to another great height.
Looking down on the world it all looks so small.
And now we can realize, we arenít big at all.
This little seed, sometime much later,
Will become something much grander and something much greater.
And then the winds stops, whatís a seed to do?
After all of that fun, itís finally through.
Once itís all over it wonít want to hide.
It will fly once again on another great ride.

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