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Kudos to Popular Woodworking!

Dominic Greco in Richboro, PA
>Hi everyone,

I've done my fair share of woodworking magazine bashing (hasn't everybody?). So I feel it's only fair to point out what I feel is an outstanding job done by the people who publish "Popular Woodworking".

I just got the latest issue of this magazine in the mail and am very pleased with the content. Not only is there a very cool article on sliding dovetails written by "our own" Bill Hylton, this issue features (2) articles on turning.

One is by Judy Ditmer on turning Christmas Ornaments, and the other article is by Dale Nish on birdhouse feeder ornaments. Both are just packed with tasty turning tidbits.

I'm really pleased with the direction this magazine is taking. The articles keep getting better and better. And having more turning projects really is a treat over just featuring "flat work". I mean, how many times can you read about building "the ultimate router table"? :>)

Last months Bottle Stopper article by Judy Ditmer was just fantastic. It got me started on bottle stoppers to the point where they are now heavily featured in my "inventory" for upcoming craft shows. (They ARE like potato chips. You can't stop at just ONE!)

See ya around,


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Kudos to Popular Woodworking!
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