Turning Archive 2004

knuckle saver for chuck?

Andy in Raleigh
>I know one answer to this question will be to buy a better chuck and that is on the "someday-when-the-budget-increases" list (it's a *really* long list, BTW). But for the time being, I own and use a cheap 4 jaw chuck that whirs 4 pieces of steel (rounded, but I am sure contact would still be memorable) on the front and the tips of 4 bolts on the back. I am considering making a simple frame or collar of some kind to make incidental contact far less likely. Maybe an upside down U that slips into brackets or tracks on the motor housing. That seems like it would be easiest to make and to put on and take off. Do any of you do something like that or do you just maintain great care (or spend the extra $ for better chucks)?

I do also use a faceplate sometimes, but not for spindle work (boxes, goblets, etc) because of the end grain attachment problem.

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