Turning Archive 2004

This hollow vessel thing...

>...is way WAY cool.

After receiving suggestions (thanks guys) on making hollowing tools, I was at the Blue Borg this morning when they opened.

Got two 1/2x36" and two 3/4x36" cold rolled rods, a hot glue gun, some glue sticks, and a 1/4" cobalt drill bit.

On the way home I stopped at the hardware store and got a 1/4"x20 tpi tap and some set allen screws.

Woke up neighbor on way home and got a 12" piece of 1/4" HSS.

To the shop.

Drilled and cross drilled the rods. Tapped some threads in them. Cut 2" pieces of HSS, ground them round to fit holes in rod, and sharpened a cutting edge I thought I could work with.

Mounted a dry spalted maple bowl that I had roughed out 6 mos ago and figgered I'd try to undercut the lip as I finish turned...

Then I mounted a piece of wet black walnut and tried a vase...then another piece of walnut for a semi-closed form...

HOLY COW, this is FUN!!! I shoulda done this a LOOOOONNNGGG time ago!

Thanks for all the help guys...more stuff to add to my repitoire.


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