Turning Archive 2004

End Grain Chatter

>I am trying to turn goblets from fairly dry cherry. i start with a 4x4 between centers get it round and put a step on one end to place in my Talon chuck. Once in the chuck and the live center in place, I will mark the spots for steps and cut a little bit off the end. i will then remove the tailstock and place the tool rest so my fingernail ground bowl gouge will be at the center. This is where the issue comes in. When I start cutting the end grain I get lots of chatter. I have checked that everything is tight and I sharpened the gouge to near razor sharpness. I am starting the cut from the center and working my way out. I have read that this is the way to make the cut on end grain. I have tried everything I can think of.
I have been reading all of the great support here and know that someone out there has had the same problem. I dont seem to have this issue when turning on the grain. Any help is much appreciated.

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