Turning Archive 2004

"I hate mondays" is now "I like weekends!!"

Ricc Havens
>Monday, some of you probably read my post of the bad day due to work issues and my sears 12" bandsaw dying mid-cut in a bowl blank.

Well, friday was great. Dave Smith came to visit for a few hours.

The other highlight of the weekend was a fix for my bandsaw. The cheapest I could find a 1hp motor was at Harbor Freight. Well, the morning paper had a older Jet 14" 1hp enclosed stand saw for $75. Went to look at it on the way to work and although it was still partially buried behind junk in the guy's garage for 8 years. I was able to turn it on and it ran quieter than my sears 12". I paid the $75 and made arrangements to pick it up later.

Just picked it up this afternoon and got it into my basement. I removed the motor door and what a surprise - it's 4 speed!!

Boy - I love a good deal!!

Ricc Havens

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