Turning Archive 2004

Watched David Marks turn a bowl

Mike Schwing from Md.
>Nice to see David demonstrating other types of woodworking. Watched him turn a claro walnut bowl last night and while it sure turned out nice he used some very elementary techniques that could easily be made simpler. I was supposing he did this for an intended audience that wasn't folks that turn every day. I had a lot of "yeah, I used to do it that way" moments. It was also nice to see him turning on an old lathe.

But I also think that if I was not yet a turner this would have helped me quite a bit. Was nice to see a show like that. I also enjoy Dave Hout's show on DIY in the same fashion, but mostly it is just nice to watch someone turn wood on TV.

An an unabashed plug for my TIVO unit - I have a wishlist setup for anything having to do with "woodturning". It is always a nice surprise to check the recently recorded list and see something turning related.

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