Turning Archive 2004

End grain hollowing tools?

Bob Hackett
>First let me say that I haven`t done much endgrain hollowing lately.Why I would suddenly agree to make a batch of large,deep endgrain pieces after I have loaned out or given away most of my appropriate tools is beyond me.Next time I`ll look at the tools before saying yes.
My question is;with the new advances in endgrain hollowing tools what tools do those who do alot of this favor?
Most of my old tools either clogged with chips(Technatool),were difficult to sharpen(Termite and other ring/hook tools)or were too short or thin for much overhang off the toolrest(spindle gouges and scrapers)or too slow(scraper type boring bar).
I need to quickly hollow out to 6"+ ID to a depth of 8"+ and the wood is fresh cut maple and red oak.The bottoms are flat as are the sides(think wood canisters).
I need to quickly hollow about 30 of these.I agreed to make afew to display/store other items and now everybody wants them(including a large one "made from a stump if possible").As they say,no good deed goes unpunished.
The good news is SWMBO has agreed to a new tool if I make some for her too.So please HELP!!


PS-A large Foster bit just slips the belt on my Conover(2 HP DC drive) in wet wood,the steam produced is impressive though.

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