Turning Archive 2004

Back again...

Jim DeLaney, Austintown, OH
>Well, the big cross-country move is over, finally. Mida and I are getting settled into our new home here in Austintown, Ohio - mostly unpacking boxes... - and getting used to the new area.

My shop is still mostly in boxes and crates. I did scab in a 240V line to make sure the cabinet saw and Laguna bandsaw were both operable, but other than that, won't see much shop time for at least another month. Pictures to follow, when I finally get it set up.

Right now, in addition to all the unpacking, the main project is to get the fallen leaves from the ten or twelve oak and maple trees in the back yard raked up. The new John Deere L110 was delivered yesterday, so at least I won't have to rake it all - just the windrows left after the Deere piled them up.

The new (cable) internet was installed today, so this is my first 'fast' logon from the new address. More later...

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