Turning Archive 2004

Got my KM Center Saver! Now some Ques.

Dominic Greco in Richboro, PA
>Came home today to find a package waiting for me. It was the Kel McNaughton Center Saver my wife ordered for me from Lee Valley! (Ain't she cool?)

Since I was speaking with HVAC contractors (need a new furnace) from the moment I got home, I didn't get a chance to set it up. But I did open the package and take a look inside.

Pretty nifty looking set up inside a deceptively small (but heavy!) box. I was sort of disappointed in the directions though. They consist of (3) printed pages (no pictures, just text) that look like they've been copied one time too many.

Is there a web site, or PDF file that outlines how to set this up? I never was good assembling stuff unless I have pictures to work off of.

I also noticed that the new Craft Supplies USA catalog has a DVD about using the Center Saver System. I believe it's called, "Mike Mahoney on the McNaughton Center Saver" (Item # 341-0010 in CSUSA's Fall 2004/2005 catalog. Retails for $24.99). Anybody get a chance to view this one?



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