Turning Archive 2004

Drawknife in lieu of skew?

Sandor in Boyds, MD

I'm mostly a hand tool junkie and have recently become interested in turning. I have an old craftsman lathe that I restored and I am learning the fine art of turning. The stuff you guys post amazes me.

So I have a question about the skew chisel. I'm a little intimidated by the skew after some surprising catches on the parts I've been turning.

Has anyone here used a drawknife in the same manner as a skew chisel? You can hold the bevel down and rest it on the tool rest and workpiece. The benefit as I can see it is that there are no edges to catch. The blade is 10" long.

Would anyone recommend against this? I have not yet tried it, but was contemplating it.

And I'm turning cocobolo with Crown HSS tools. In your experience, does cocobolo dull tools quickly or do I have a crapy set?

Thanks in advance.


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