Turning Archive 2004

I hate MONDAYS!!!

Ricc Havens
>Crappy day at work - lost a deal that would have paid $2000 in commission alone. I hate Mondays!!

No snow yet - but in preparation, I went to 4 hardware and repair stores to find the drive belt for my snowblower - and no one had it in stock. Old one wasn't worn too bad so I decided to buy some belt dressing to prevent any slippage. Got home and went to put a few drops on the belt and CRAP!! the #*@& factory spout was not properly pressfit into place by the assembly line and the whole thing came off and belt dressing went all over. I hate Mondays!!!

Decided to have some shop time to relax. Was cutting some halves of logs into round bowl blanks and motor on the bandsaw just quit mid-blank. No smoke no warning - just Dead. Yes, it's a Harbor Freight motor but at 1hp it was alot better than the factory 1/2hp on my 30yr old Crapsman. Not only that - but it had to die 2 months past the 2yr warranty. I HATE Mondays!!!

Then I decided to clean the shop a little as our own Dave Smith is coming to town for some wedding and offered to give me and a fellow newbie turner Bud Garabee some pointers friday nite. While sweeping the dust into the floor pickup of my dust collector (yes - I picked out all the pig chucks) the impeller or motor of the DC started to make a loud noise. I quit!! I HATE mondays!!!

The only good thing today was a good cigar at lunch under a nice shade tree at the park.

But I hate mondays!!
Ricc Havens
Elkhart, IN

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