Turning Archive 2004

Now, I can die happy!

Gary Evans, Tallassee, TN
>For those who haven't been following along, I bought a used Woodfast lathe over a year ago. I used it for about an hour when the DC drive and motor took a dump. Since their demise, I have been saving my coins for an AC motor and VF drive. Fortunately, I still had my Delta 45-700 to play with on occasion, even though it vibrates like crazy, especially at low rpm.

At the Turning Southern Style symposium at the first of the month, Don Farr, from Atlanta, brought me a new 1.5 HP motor and used Dart drive which I had planned to buy at a reasonable price. Since I was at the show selling wood, he decided to trade me the motor and drive for an equivalent value of wood. Lucky me!

Yesterday, I finally got the motor wired up and jacked up inside the cabinet on the Woodfast. Boy, was that a job! Anyway, the motor fired right up and I am pleased to report that the only vibration is coming from the belt which seemed to have taken a set from being wadded up for a year or so. The lathe will turn smoothly and with decent power from almost zero rpm at the low speed end of the pulley stack all the way up to full speed on the other end of the stack.

I had no time left last night to turn, and will have to create some time this week, but nevertheless, I am as happy as a newly-wed looking forward to exploring the mysteries of their new mate.

If you are looking for a motor and drive, it might be worth your while to contact Don. He is at DC Industrial in Lithia, GA. He has access to both new and used equipment. Feel free to use my name and let me know if you would like his number.

Thanks for listening, and I hope to have some new work to show off before too long.


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