Turning Archive 2004

Outrigger frustration

Wil Zirkle

I have been excited for the past two weeks. I finally cut the logs that were going to require me to purchase the Nova outrigger for my DVR.

It came yesterday and I put it together tonight after work. As I was putting it together I realized that it did not seem to have a lot room for a deep bowl.

After assembling it I took my latest roughed in piece mounted it.

Lots of room for diameter not much for depth. Ok the Super Nova and Powergrip jaws eat up a lot.

I wanted the outrigger instead of a floor model because it was attached to the lathe and so not prone to move or get bumped. I just never thought of the situation I ended up in.

So a question how much space would a regular nova and the 100mm jaw set give me? I really hate the idea of spending more money, but the large maple logs are going to be around 2 inches deeper than this one. Which brings me to my second question, will they hold something that big? (while itís spinning)



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