Turning Archive 2004

Central Santa

Ernie Miller Topeka
>Time is comming to an end to send in your e-mail to play this year. We can easly use another 15-20 people to play the more the marrier. Basicly it's a Secret santa thing we draw names and you send a present either bought or made with a value of about $20 to that person and some unknown person sends a present to you. This is an activity that is acrried out mostly by e-mail and kept off the board after it starts. every one get a nice inexpensive present and weeks of fun and frindship. to play send your name and address along with what type of work you do Hand power or turning to me erniem@ksdot.org I will then draw names and e-mail you the person you have drawen. Your name and address will be given to no one other than the person who draws your name. people have ask and they never get it from me even for the best of reasons. This is one fun event that you will be glad that you have not missed dead line to enter is monday. I'm making a present this year and most all of you will want it.

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