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JET 1642 speed change vibration

Jhd in NC
>JET 1642 speed change vibration

On my 1642 with nothing on the head not even a spindle taper. I get some bad vibration at 500 to 650 RPMs and 775 to 875, run smooth at all other speeds on that belt setting.

On the high speed I get the same Vibration at 1400 to 1500 and 1700 to 1800. All others are smooth.

What I have tried
1.move head to different spots on the lathe.
2.Tightend and loosened belt.
3.Moved enter lathe to new spot and re-leveled
4.Added more weight.
5.Checked for run-out less than .001 until vibration starts then itís too wild to read.
6.Checked for shaft movement by lifting and pulling on it, none that I could fell.

I have not called support yet thought I would try here first to see if any one else has had this problem and how you fixed it. Or is it normal to have Vibration at some speeds and just avoid them. Thanks you any replies. John

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