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Breathing mold

Bud Gabaree
>Hey all,
I'm the wingnut that turned the spalted maple without protection. Responses to my initial inquiry (a few posts below) were many and appreciated. There were a few requests to update as things progress, so here goes.

I visited the Doc this morning and learned something. Once inhaled, there are 4 possible results;
1) an allergic reaction (most common)
2) An infection (less common)
3) a secondary infection resulting from allergic reactions (least common)
4) and lastly, nothing at all (no data)

I asked if there exists a test that could identify if I indeed own a bacteria breeding business in my head or chest. The Doc replied that there is, but no sane person would volunteer to take it. He mentioned that it would be administered by an eye/ears/nose specialist.

For now, he prescribed an anti-fungal med, advised that I continue to take the last of the antibiotic (I'm on the second antibiotic, with no effect yet) and also gave me a nose-spray.

He mentioned that the next step would be a cat-scan (meow) to see what's brewing. After that, I don't know.
If this clears up with the antifungal, I'll post with the name for the next unfortunate sucker.

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