Turning Archive 2004

Help with Maple Burls-revisited

George Van
>“You'll enjoy the burls. Coat the raw wood portion with anchorseal. Doesn't matter when you turn burl wood. Wet or dry or somewhere in between. Burl is quite stable.
Wally “

Wally & others, are you saying as long as I Anchorseal the exposed wood on a harvested burl, (I presently store mine out of the sunlight under the overhang of my workshop), that they will be in as good of condition for cutting into turning blanks a few years from now as they would be today?

I would like to wait a while for my turning skills to improve before I start turning any burls.

I have birch, cherry, & maple burls that completely surround the trunk and the trunk top and bottom are sealed, and burls that are on trunk sections that are split through the pith and the trunk ends and side are sealed.

Thanks, George

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