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Breathing mold (long)

Bud Gabaree
>Hey all,
maybe someone can diagnose me who's been there before. About a month ago, I started rough turning a heap of spalted maple blanks. Shortly after, I began experiencing cold-like symptoms. But what's really bothering me (besides shortness of breath) is my ears have been plugged up like I have a severe head cold. This has persisted for 3 weeks now.
I didn't make a connection between this and the spalted maple until a friend and fellow turner was over yesterday and said he read an article about it. Said the mold in the wood could be the culprit.
Been to the doctor, but previous to making the connection. Doc prescribed heavy duty prescription antibiotics, but nothing's worked so far. Got a call in to the doc with my theory, but no return call yet.
Any one else out there been thru this? What can you share? What can I expect?
Thanks, Bud

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