Turning Archive 2004

A word on canister dust collectors...

Peter Teubel
>A few months ago I purchased a canister and ring (retro-fit kit for the Jet DC1100) and attached it to my Relient 2hp DC. Worked great! No more transferring dust from the bag to the trash...simply tie the bag closed and dispose of it.

HOWEVER, I noticed I was getting a number of pin holes in the plastic bag, which simply spewed dust into my shop. Also it seemed that the bag was under quite a bit of pressure. I always rotate the flapper thing on a regular basis to dump dust embedded in the filter pleats.

After replacing a 3rd bag in one day due to pin holes, I got pissed and just hit that poor defenseless DC right in the canister.

POOF~! A huge about of dust dumped into the bag.

The only thing I can surmise is that since I am collecting mostly wet sawdust from my bandsaw, its getting impacted into the pleats. The flapper does little to disloge it. But a few good whacks on the canister WILL dislodge most of it.

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