Turning Archive 2004

Looking for tool/jig?

Donna Banfield
>Good Morning!

I'm putting together my 'Christmas Wish' list and am having trouble locating the catalogue in which I saw this particular tool/jig. Maybe the collective memories of all the tool junkies can help?

It is a vise/clamp that is used to hold your chuck. It can be clamped either to your lathe bed or your work bench. The advantage to this device is that you can leave a piece in your chuck if you're still working on it, but rather than sitting 'sideways' as it's still on the lathe spindle, it can be positioned straight up to work on. It also frees up your lathe if you need to work on many pieces at the same time.

Anyone remember seeing such a thing? If so, where? Thanks.

Donna Banfield

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